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Looking for the spark.

Could also be titled as “Stop making excuses and get the eff up”.

As I sit here and yawn.

This is my favorite weather to run in. Cold. I’m very warm and I like it brisk. I need to pull em up and get going. I even received a great pair of gloves that would work better than pulling my sleeves over my hands.

They look like these, light but warm. I can’t think of the brand at the moment.

The point is I need to do it. Not talk about it. And now I have nifty gloves. Maybe it’ll take my mind off my student loans kicking in, among other financial obligations. Although it truly wasn’t sudden, I feel like I’ve been thrust into a financial crisis and it’s scary. And I don’t know where I strayed, but it’s time to get back on track.


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More on finishing.

Army Ten Miler 2011 is done.

I run in Vibrams. Classics or KSOs depending on my mood. Transitioning to a mid/forefoot strike has been very beneficial to my knees and back. I enjoy the questions also. Some are silly but all seem to be genuine.

Not my foot.

“Do you like running in those?”

My first thought is to be a smartass and say no, but that isn’t nice. Yes I like running in these. My foot can be itself.

“How do your toes feel?”

Better than being squished in a too narrow toe box. My toes like vibrams. My arches like them as well, most of the time (see below). I have a midget pinky toe which requires maneuvering but once I’m comfortable I’m good to go.

My very good friend also voiced her concerns. I managed to refrain from telling her she did not know what she was talking about, and for that I feel good.

There are other questions, but anyone who has worn toe shoes in public has heard them.

I earned a very painful blister on my right arch. There is a seam in my KSOs that ripped my foot open. I knew it was rubbing but it didn’t hurt too much and I didn’t want to stop and check because I was already sucking wind and I was afraid to look. I looked down after the run and was greeted with a preview of the carnage.

I am not the Curt Schilling of shitty runners.

I peeled my footwear off and whimpered a little. I attempted to shower, shrieked like a wimp and rested my foot on the edge for a few minutes before trying again. The skin was completely gone in an oval approximately 1 inch x 1/2 inch. I’m taking care of it but it’s annoying. I also need to resolve the rubbing. The left is fine and they appear to have the same seam position but something in the right isn’t good. The damn things are expensive and there has to be a way to fix them.

I ended up very swollen by the end. My fingers were visibly sausage like and my feet felt like balloons. I’m debating compression leg sleeves in the future. I don’t think I’d like arm sleeves though, there must be an alternative. I was also unable to urinate for at least an hour after, which is pretty surprising considering the amount of water I drank. I drank more than my normal 100 ounces the day prior, didn’t drink until just before the run, and drank at least 16 ounces at each water stop (there were 4). It looked dehydrated when I finally went, so there’s that. I need to up my intake the night before.

I don’t know how other runners work food, but I’m not an early morning eater normally and this was no different. I had a good dinner around 7 pm the night before and that was it until after the run. I considered a few bites of banana or half a bagel but it didn’t feel like a good idea. I ate a banana and some honey/seed thing on the walk back, and then a personal pizza about 2 hours later, the Campana. From Tagolio Pizzeria & Enoteca. For non NYC pizza it’s pretty damn good. I don’t eat pizza much anymore, and I’m indifferent over bananas but both hit the spot. I didn’t think 10 miles warranted fuel during the run but maybe I need to experiment a little. I don’t eat much sugar and other than a random pizza I avoid wheat. I like this article Natural Race Food Alternatives – by Vanessa Rodriguez, whose blog Vanessa Runs I love. I’m very interested in the homemade gel idea, as I find most gels gross.

Wonderful friend mentioned above (she really is wonderful) is faster than me. This is known. She offered to run with me, not as a pacer, but for “fun”. I told her I have a very short stride and that my lack of proper prep was going to be evident immediately. I explained (in vain) that I wanted to keep a steady pace for as long as I could, a pace that was slower than she would want, and a pace that would keep me from running too fast at first. We started off and I fell back but her “motivation” resulted in me going faster than planned. She was great for the most part, but I have to say I grew tired of hearing about how she was sore because she was basically speed walking. I’m not running with her again for a while. I usually don’t listen to music, I like hearing my surroundings. I wish I had. She talks too much. I also don’t want to hear that better prep would have helped. Thanks, I’m aware. It was frustrating and it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I know she means well.

I enjoy this run, and I plan to participate every year.

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I finished.

I ran like crap, but I finished within the pace requirement.

I guess I should be happy with that but I’m annoyed with myself. I didn’t train and I didn’t fuel properly. I’m lucky I didn’t injure myself. I am so sore, however, that I look like I’m made of wood when I walk. That’s a good time. I’m trying to move around to lessen the stiffness. I have a sweet blister on my right arch but  my feet fared rather well this year. I’m taking this as the baseline, the start. In a day or two I’m going to go for a walk. If I don’t feel like I’m about to die then I’ll pick up the pace. This was my wake up call.

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I’m running the army Ten Miler this Sunday. I’m anxious.

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The Army Ten Miler is 10 days away. I don’t feel ready. I never do. I’m heavier this year, and I haven’t prepared as well. I did quit smoking 4 months ago, so there’s that. I’m also eating better and sleeping more. I need to get my shit together. Unlike last year, I intend to use this race as the jump point for next year’s running season. I am going to run through the winter. I am going to participate in events next year. I’d like to find a few this year before everything wraps as well. The words are in front of me. Time to stop saying, “tomorrow”.

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