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Dolla dolla bill yall.

Someday money won’t make my world go round, but I’m not going to lose more sleep over it just yet.


Student loans.
Tires and brakes.
Kitchen aid standing mixer.
Zero credit card debt.
Two weeks in Europe.
Car loan.
A new Jack Vettriano print.
A vacation of my father’s choice.
A house for my sister.


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I must be doing it wrong.

Ideal sleep is 7-9 hours a night, I’ll settle for 8, although I average 6. I work 9 hours daily, 5 days a week. My commute, under best conditions, is 30 minutes one way.

Eighteen hours spoken for.

I need to shower and dress, and care for my dog. That’s about an hour. I get home from work around 2 am. On a good night I’m in bed by 3:30 – when I’m exhausted. Try going to bed immediately after a full work day. I’ve tried, it doesn’t work for me, I need time to unwind. I read, get online or do quiet things around the house. Another 1-2 hours gone. I try to be productive in that time, but I’d rather play Angry Birds and read.

Twenty-one hours.

I’m left with 3 to 4 hours. Let’s say 3. I haven’t gone through mail, paid bills, do laundry, eat, etc. I’m omitting groceries because I do that on my days off. I try to line up tasks with my commute to work to be more productive. I have 2 hours left to exercise and/or complete miscellaneous tasks. It’s doable, but damn, it’s hard.

I’ve laid it out here like I’m actually this disciplined. I am not. It’s damn hard to get through my day this smoothly. The 30 minute commute is a pipe dream. It takes an hour on average to get to work. I don’t get anything done en route because I’m sitting in traffic. I am fortunate to have a car of course, but I really wish my public transportation options were better. NYC metropolitan area traffic is horrible. I’ve been in worse in other cities but ours also sucks.

I’m also a procrastinator. I call myself the Procrastinatrix. When I get home from work I want to sit down, have a glass of wine and read. When I wake up I want to have a cup of coffee. I like to surf the internet and waste time. I’m doing just that at this very moment. I guess I should get ready for work.

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Still wobbly.

My foot is healing, but the location of the blister is such that it’s very uncomfortable to walk normal. Every shoe I own rubs it so I try to stay barefoot whenever possible. I have enjoyed taking my shoes off at work and seeing how long I can stay in socks before someone approaches my desk. I haven’t run. I can’t walk much without it aching. A side effect is that I’m favoring my other foot, so now my left hip and knee hurt a little, and the outside of my right foot is super tight from trying not to put pressure on my arch. I think that’s enough whining for today.

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Taking responsibility


“It is what it is”

These two sayings, among others, fill me with rage. Yes, I’m exaggerating, but they do annoy the hell out of me.

I’m an advocate of swimming with the tide, rather than against it, to get through a stressful event. If I can’t control something I try not to obsess over it. That is entirely different from the pity parties we create for ourselves. If I can do something to change a “thing” I’m not satisfied with, I’m probably going to make an attempt. I’m not going to throw my hands in the air and say, “Poor me.” That is not for me. Do something to affect change or move along.

Pull 'em up

I’m confident that, if more people would take ownership over their own lives and circumstances, those things would improve over time. Taking responsibility for our own circumstances is far less stressful than blaming everyone else. Maybe circumstances won’t get better, but that might indicate something else, like a need to evaluate and adapt.

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