About the header photo: The Triborough Bridge, connecting Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.

I grew up with a similar beautiful view from my Bronx window.

About me: I’ve established I’m from the Bronx. Yes, I say dawg and cawffee when I’m not thinking about how I sound. I’m an Army veteran, medic, 11 years. I wouldn’t trade those years. I’m good at Math and Latin, decent crocheter (hooker) and knitter. I enjoy cooking, a lot. And drinking wine. And reading. And music. And sports. I want to run far. I’m not too concerned with how long it takes. I take pictures. I have an overwhelming urge to sleep at inopportune times and I dream lucid. I talk a lot sometimes and other times not at all. I want to help everyone, and myself. My positivity is balanced delicately with candor and sarcasm.


Photo credit:

Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/global-jet/1404584655/


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