Insanity. Day 15. Fit Test 2.

Today is day 15 of Insanity® which meant Fit Test #2. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do, I’ve been sweating my tail off but it’s hard to gauge progress. Well, it would be hard to gauge without a fit test (duh). Trying my best to keep good form is a hell of a challenge.
I humbly share my second fit test results, day 1 and day 15:
Switch Kicks – 30/43
Power Jacks – 37/46 (squatting! and jumping! together!)
Power Knees – 55/80(!)
Power Jumps – 20/25 (jumping is my nemesis)
Globe Jumps – 5/7 (more evil squat jumping)
Suicide Jumps – 10/15 (squat thrusts in my army mind)
Push-Up Jacks – 15/25 (I underestimated these, they’re f*ing hard)
Low Plank Obliques – 35/55
I’m looking forward to my next fit test on day 36 (2 weeks + 1 week “recovery”)

Post thought. I have a few dozen pounds I’d like to part with, and that was a part of my original motivation. It’s still going, albeit slower than at first. Seeing these results, and knowing how I feel, are causing me to reevaluate my priorities. I’ll get where I want to be with my weight, but that’s becoming less important next to how I feel, inside and out. This is pretty awesome. And I’m enjoying sharing it. Here and here, if you’d like to join me.

I’m going to weigh and measure tomorrow, for accountability.


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