Reset. Two Weeks Down. Restore.

Today is day 15. The first day of the third week. I do feel different. Inside. I feel quieter, more focused, less foggy.

I recalled an interesting dream from Tuesday morning. I woke up and immediately tried to recall it so I’d remember later. I’m a rather vivd dreamer, but I hadn’t recalled a dream in a few days.

I often mix locations and people together that don’t actually go together, and this was no different.

It was my apartment building from childhood. Huge lobby with one wide, shallow staircase, and two additional to the sides. There was some kind of government office in the basement with all sorts of neat military and historical memorabilia. To the left was a staircase that climbed many floors, made of stone, and there were books and water pitchers on each landing. The top floor was an intimate sort of bar with small tables and a large bar off to one corner with delicious liquor. The barteneders sounded Russian or Skandinavian and were very friendly.

With that, I’m off to my busy Thursday.


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