Reset. Days 10 through 12. Reassess.

Today is my one year not smoking anniversary. There’s more to it, but that’s the bottom line. I’m proud of myself.

The weekend was good. I’ve found myself reflecting, assessing, reassessing. I drove in silence all week until yesterday, when I chose to play some favorite tunes while I ran errands (Q-Tip). I cleaned the heck out of my bathroom Sunday, at least 3 hours, in silence. Usually I listen to music or having something playing on my iPad, but I felt like it was distracting me from my thoughts. I was cleaning, so I just cleaned. And thought. And when I was driving, I drove. And thought. Even when I was cooking in the morning, I just cooked. And thought. It didn’t feel heavy or burdensome. I just thought. I also haven’t recalled my dreams as much this week. I didn’t realize that. Hmm, that might be interesting.

I had some mental food cravings here and there. I need to time my meals better, I think I’m waiting too long between meals. I wanted a glass of wine, I had herbal tea instead. I’m not going to pretend that my increased productivity is not due in some part to my non-drinking these 3 weeks. So there’s that. I think I’m going to have a good week. I just have a feeling.


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