Reset. Week 1. I have reclaimed myself.

Today is technically day 8, or week 2, day 1. I’ve completed one week of the Ultimate Reset. I’m down about 5 pounds, and I feel a little lighter on my feet. I’ve had a mild to roaring headache most of the time, which I think was initially from lack of caffeine, but now I’m thinking it’s sensitivity to my medication. It should pass soon. Please.

I learned I don’t have a good grasp on portion control. My lunch containers and measuring cups have helped, alot. I can drink a lot of water. My current daily high is @ 170 ounces. Zucchini and cashews taste great together, and I think I’m losing my taste for miso. I rediscovered a love of fruit. I think about food a lot at night. Particularly medium rare steaks and pernil. Not as much bacon as I expected. I also think about a glass of and old vine zinfandel, but at the same time, I’m fine without it. I still wake up tired, but I’m shaking it off easier. I get really really really tired around 2 am. I’m enjoying the break from spending hours cooking for the week, but the trade-off is spending about an hour every day. I can think clearer today than I could 4 days ago.

I’m looking forward to today.


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