Reset. Day 6. Post.

I’m going to lay down in a few minutes. It’s about that time. My headache is mostly gone, thankfully. It occurred to me that I haven’t talked about the food much, which is out of character for me, I think. The recipes are great. I can tell they’re geared to be “friendly”, but that’s making it enjoyable. Simple, and in most cases, delicious, at the very least, they’re all decent. I’m still getting used to cooking a bit every day, rather than a bunch at the beginning of the week, but it’s getting easier. I can’t buy as much ahead with so much fresh produce, but that’s also ok. As each day passes, it seems the meals require less advanced prep. I made a few dishes in multiple servings that repeat, which helps a bit. Clean flavors, filling ingredients, and over a gallon of water a day are making this pretty tolerable. And eye-opening, too.


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