Reset. Days 5 and 6. Action and reaction.

Monday was day 5. I woke up feeling decent, went about my day and ate my meals. I needed to hit the post office because the medication I take is refilled via US Mail. It was pretty late in the afternoon when I picked it up, and I hadn’t yet taken it because I like to wait for the eleventh hour to order refills. I should have done one of two things: 1. Skip a day. This would have been acceptable, although I would have been very tired. You see, my medication is Provigil, for Narcolepsy. Not the fun, “Deuce Bigelow” type, rather the clinical diagnosis-jacked up sleep-crazy lucid dream-sometimes overwhelming need to nap-type. I could have skipped a day. 2. Take half. I think it was around 4 pm. I normally take it around noon, so I don’t become oh so tired before 1 am, when I normally get home from work. My neurologist loves that I work evenings. Taking half would have resulted in a slightly milder version of option 1. What I did instead was pop one, whole, in my mouth like a genius. It was reflex. If I could have regurgitated it, I promise you, it would have been in my hand. I knew I’d be up late, but I didn’t think much else of it. The night wore on, I forced myself to lay down around 3 am, and I fell asleep.

Day 6. I knew when I woke it wasn’t going to be a good day. My back was tweaky and I had a headache. Not like the headaches I’ve been whining about. Not a migraine. This was a burning sensation on the left side of my face. My first instinct was to drink a ton of water. I don’t have head meds here, due to the Reset, and because I don’t use them much. I haven’t had a migraine in years, so no good stuff, either. I prepared and ate breakfast after taking my morning supplements and med, and prepared lunch and dinner. I managed to eat my breakfast, which took longer to cook than I expected, got my things together, and headed to work. This is where things took a turn. Sitting in crawling traffic on the parkway, I could feel the pain and pressure increase. My left eye and nostril were both leaking. I lost my apetite. I also began to salivate, which is never a good sign. I made it to work without vomiting, I really don’t know how. My manager took a look at me and gave me the green light to turn around. Now I’ve been home for about 2 hours, and the pain is beginning to subside thanks to laying in the dark and a cuddly dog and cat. I laid still on my back, eyes closed with two pillows behind my head and shoulders and thought about the pain slowly draining from my head, down into my jaw, then into my chest and abdomen, and finally into my arms and legs, to my hands and feet, and through my fingers and toes. Try it sometime, it helps.

No lunch today. I couldn’t even imagine eating it. I did drink my Alkalinize, which I’m hoping will balance the ibuprofen I took at work (this was seriously a 9 out of 10). I think I’m ready to take my evening supplements and attempt dinner. Everything’s ready to go and I don’t have to heat much.

The feeling reminded me of a terrible hangover headache. The kind that can only be remedied with sleep, purging, or a combination. I can only think it was from taking my whole dose. It was worse than the caffeine headaches, and different. This was no dull ache. The fire of the inferno, in my eyeball and temple. I was taking my med like I normally do the other days, so I’m hoping it was an isolated event, because holy shit, that sucked. I don’t know why I had that reaction, this is a medication I’ve been taking for 6+ years. I have a hunch that cleaning the pipes is making me more sensitive to such things. I’ll be more careful with myself going forward. Promise.


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