Day 4. Relaxed.

My fourth day was very peaceful. Sunday and Monday are my days off from work, and I was really looking forward to it. I ate my meals leisurely, and took my time preparing them. I had an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion in the afternoon after I ate lunch, almost to the point of laying down, but it passed as quickly as it arrived. I find my highest energy levels coming between lunch and dinner, about an hour after I drink Alkalinize. I like grassy flavors, so it tastes pretty decent to me. It’s refreshing. Still gassy, but less so, thankfully. I also bought some herbal tea, no caffeine. I wanted something later in the evening that would warm me up a little. Easy Now from Traditional Medicinals. I don’t know that it eased my tension, but it tastes minty and smells pleasant. Like clockwork, I was ready for bed by about 2 am, so off to bed I went. I’m still waking with a mild headache that fades over the day, and each day it’s a little less. Looking forward to that leaving. I’m beginning to think about how I’ll eat after these days are through. Do I want a steak? Kind of. But I think it’s time I look at food a little different. I think I’ll continue to keep grains to a minimum. I rather like the primal/paleo way of eating, but there’s a lot of wiggle room, and it’s all about what works for me.


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