Reset. Day 3. Coffee.

Post day 3. I still have a headache, and it’s still worth it. I didn’t really care for this day, though I calmed as the day progressed. I slept later than I wanted, which caused everything to push later. I prepared my food while I ate breakfast and needed to hurry to work. I couldn’t stop at the post office for a delivery, so that’ll wait for Monday. I was lucky to be assigned to work on a project that is in a quieter area so my headache lessened slightly by the end of the night. I actually couldn’t finish all my food. I was pretty full! My meals were later than the last 2 days, so that might have been a factor. I’m also experiencing my menstrual cycle, so that’s awesome. The headache is making me reevaluate my relationship with coffee. I love the aroma and the taste. I don’t like the withdrawal. That tells me maybe it isn’t that great. Should something so great make me feel so crappy? Even my glass of wine doesn’t give me withdrawal pains. That makes me a little sad, but relieved as well. I really think I might not drink coffee the way I used to. On a lighter note, I pooped yesterday. Considering I hadn’t in two days, this was a cause for solitary celebration. I was very gassy prior to the event, so yay for me.

I’m enjoying the food. Eating bread has been a source of guilt for me for a long time, so eating it as a source of nourishment, knowing it won’t kill me is a great feeling. I’m gaining better understanding over preparation as well. I’ve spent parts of Sunday and Monday preparing my meals for the week for some time now, but with the meals I’m eating over the course of the 21 days, I wasn’t sure if I could prepare in advance like that. There are a number of items that are best made fresh, but I’m finding that I can make quite a few things ahead, which will give me more time during the week. I enjoy the process of preparing and cooking, so this is like a meditation for me.

It’s a beautiful day today. I have all my windows open, and I think I’ll sit out for a little while later, when my back yard has some shade.


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