Reset. Day 2.

Before I spill out day 2, I remembered something I left out from the first day. I wasn’t physically hungry, I had eaten plenty, and drank more than enough. I was hungry in my mind though. 9-10 pm I began to think about eating and it persisted until I went to bed. Okay, got that out.

Day 2. I felt pretty good early on. Woke up achy and tired, no surprise there. Cooked and ate breakfast, prepared lunch and dinner. I began to feel a headache building around 6 pm and it grew all night. Never debilitating, but really annoying. Also, by about 1 am, I was completely exhausted. I was in bed by 2 am, which is far earlier than usual. I was still a little foggy, but the headache took front stage over the fog. There was plenty of food, especially for dinner, the rice and beans dish was very good, and I made double to share with a friend. I also drank about the same amount of water, somewhere in the range of a gallon.

And I’ve lost 2 pounds. That’s pretty neat.

My Ultimate Reset


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