The fat, that is. On 1 February I began a round of P90X2. I’ve been putzing around for months, going for a run here and there but not really committing to any good habits. I’m reluctant to join a gym. They’re expensive, my evening shift makes it too easy for me to be lazy in the morning, and I’m not much of a night exerciser. This program is very hard, but fun. I’ve said that a few times already, that it’s fun. I’m also very uncoordinated apparently. I haven’t lost any remarkable weight yet (it’s only been 1 week, doy) but I feel stronger and looser than before. It’s a good start. I’m trying to keep myself accountable by logging my experience and what I’m eating. I’m a day behind right now, so I’m going to make an exception to my dislike for working out at night tonight so I can be back on track with my schedule. I would right now, but I ate a drank a little bit last night and I don’t feel like puking. I also need to move the journal entries I began on the beachbody website over here. I don’t see myself sustaining separately.



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2 responses to “Rendering.

  1. You are going to do great. P90 kicks butt – at least it whacks mine pretty good. I like it for toning and reminding me that it can always get tougher. My main addiction is running. I think running has helped me build patience for how long it can take sometimes to make progress.

  2. I thought I hated running for years. I realized a few years ago that it was the way I ran while enlisted that created that feeling. Running in cadence with short legs was never enjoyable to me, I’m not knocking it, but that was my feeling. When I started running barefoot and minimal it was like an epiphany. Knee and back pain were almost eliminated right from the start. I want to put on miles again, and I think this is going to help me get there. I want to feel light on my feet again.

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