Get it together.

If I’m going to do it, I need to stop half-assing. Hold myself accountable. Today is 1 December. I woke this morning and drank a cup of green tea. I ate zucchini “pancakes”. Super easy recipe, it’ll follow. I’ve had 1 boiled egg at work so far. I have another egg available, and for dinner I have a turkey tenderloin with onions and jalapenos (roasted) and sauteed spinach. Also a great recipe. I think that’s a little low in calories, but it’ll hold me for the evening. I’m going to attempt a hybrid of Balanced Bites’ 21 Day Sugar Detox and Whole9 Life’s Whole30. Alcohol and dairy in cheese form are my challenges. I like the vino. I think if I want it I’m going to have it, but I’ll use the same strategy to quit smoking. Distraction. Drink more water or tea, eat something that isn’t cheese. I can do it. I’m doing it right now. More to come.


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