Cholesterol contradiction.

Our corporate health team visited my site yesterday. Pamphlets about exercise, stretching, how to sit at one’s desk, the normal deal. There were also stations set up to run a quick blood test, which measured cholesterol and blood sugar. I go to the doctor once a never so I thought it might be interesting to see where I am. My sugar was off due to the trail bar I had shoved in my face 10 minutes prior so that’s not even worth discussing. I found the cholesterol test intriguing.

TC (total cholesterol) – 221 mg/dL

HDL (high-density lipoprotein/the good stuff)- 71 mg/dL

The test did not include Triglycerides (blood fat) or LDL (low-density lipoprotein/the bad stuff)

Ratio TC/HDL – 3.1

The nurse looks at the TC and seems concerned. Apparently having total cholesterol levels above 200 puts me at risk for heart disease. This is strange to me. I eat pretty damn well. She proceeds to lecture me on minimizing salt (I cook with it but rarely salt prepared food), eliminating prepackaged food (that isn’t me either, thinking about my grocery bill :barf:), and eating less fat (let me guess, I should eat more carbs). I nod politely. (Note: TC means far less than traditionally believed, and I’m disappointed with my company for contracting a hospital that does not keep it’s staff up to date. I know where I am not visiting any time soon.)

We move onto the HDL. Now she’s confused.  HDL above 50 is healthy, and mine is 71 mg/dL. I’m awesome. Really, I am. My diet (not on a diet, but my manner of eating) has a lot to do with this. I don’t feel like sharing that with her because this group has their own ideas regarding health. Guess what helps raise HDL? Healthy fats! But wait, that is the opposite of what we just discussed. Incidentally, “we” didn’t discuss healthy fats, I just already knew that. The feedback I received was that my level was good, that it indicated I was not at risk, and we moved on. Impressive.

Lastly, we reviewed the ratio of TC/HDL. At 3.1 I’m doing alright. I’m doing very well actually. So hopefully I don’t drop dead.


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