I must be doing it wrong.

Ideal sleep is 7-9 hours a night, I’ll settle for 8, although I average 6. I work 9 hours daily, 5 days a week. My commute, under best conditions, is 30 minutes one way.

Eighteen hours spoken for.

I need to shower and dress, and care for my dog. That’s about an hour. I get home from work around 2 am. On a good night I’m in bed by 3:30 – when I’m exhausted. Try going to bed immediately after a full work day. I’ve tried, it doesn’t work for me, I need time to unwind. I read, get online or do quiet things around the house. Another 1-2 hours gone. I try to be productive in that time, but I’d rather play Angry Birds and read.

Twenty-one hours.

I’m left with 3 to 4 hours. Let’s say 3. I haven’t gone through mail, paid bills, do laundry, eat, etc. I’m omitting groceries because I do that on my days off. I try to line up tasks with my commute to work to be more productive. I have 2 hours left to exercise and/or complete miscellaneous tasks. It’s doable, but damn, it’s hard.

I’ve laid it out here like I’m actually this disciplined. I am not. It’s damn hard to get through my day this smoothly. The 30 minute commute is a pipe dream. It takes an hour on average to get to work. I don’t get anything done en route because I’m sitting in traffic. I am fortunate to have a car of course, but I really wish my public transportation options were better. NYC metropolitan area traffic is horrible. I’ve been in worse in other cities but ours also sucks.

I’m also a procrastinator. I call myself the Procrastinatrix. When I get home from work I want to sit down, have a glass of wine and read. When I wake up I want to have a cup of coffee. I like to surf the internet and waste time. I’m doing just that at this very moment. I guess I should get ready for work.


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