You’ll eat what you like

I shop the day before my cooking day for a few reasons.

I work nights. I’m not a happy camper on Sunday mornings (my first day off). I putter around the house if I don’t have plans, and head to the supermarket in the early evening. The selection on Sunday night isn’t fantastic, but it’s also much less crowded.

Another reason I shop the night before is to allow a second “clean up” trip on Monday. I don’t plan a menu for the week, there’s no point because I end up buying the best looking produce and the best deals on meat, so planning before isn’t always best for me. I have a master list of items that I tend to buy often, but I usually pick up a lot of seemingly random items as well. I lug it upstairs and consider my options. I tend to go with a whole chicken once or twice a month and when I don’t do a chicken I make tomato sauce. I often grab two beefs, a pork, and an additional chicken or other bird. Maybe lamb, turkey- whatever looks good and is priced well. I get to surfing the sites and my books and look for something fun if I don’t want to prepare something familiar. If a recipe or idea jumps up at me and I’m missing a few items I make a quick trip on Monday to pick those up.

I have fun cooking, I enjoy slicing, dicing and chopping. One item on the stove top and one item in the oven. Or the crock-pot. Or two in the oven. Just making a point.

Fingers in. No chopping the digits.

I sure would love new knives. Oh well.

I spend eight hours or more preparing and cooking on Monday. I spend almost zero time throughout the week because I have four to five great dishes in my fridge with which I play mix and match. I watch tv on my iPad (mostly Travel Channel- I heart Anthony Bourdain) and I cook and cook and cook. I try new recipes, adulterated by my own substitutions, and standbys, when I’m not feeling like a pioneer. I’ve fallen asleep with food in the oven (that’s a long story) and I’ve made less than delectable meals also. I play with my food, I go with what sounds like it’ll be delicious, and I go for it.

I enjoy what I eat more when I enjoy making it.

Easy peasy.


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