Going with my gut

I used to experience horrible acid reflux. Multiple doctor visits. Always advised to avoid acidic food, meat, the usual. I read about wheat. I stopped eating it. My reflux was gone.

Every time I eat a cookie or a piece of cake I get horrible gas. Guess what I avoid?

I didn’t adjust my diet because it was cool or on a taboo list. I did it because it worked. You might be able to eat wheat. Good for you. Same with dairy. I never really cared for milk, but I really enjoy cheese. As long as I stick to small amounts I don’t experience digestive chaos. Same again with certain nightshades (potatoes etc). The point is that we are all able to eliminate a food type and conduct our own sensitivity experiments. If it makes you feel bad or causes you to gain weight take it out of your mouth. Read labels. Get to know your food.


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