Hi. Me again.

I’ve been around, just insanely busy. I’m beginning a new Beachbody program today, TurboFire, and I’m considering chronicling it here, as what I’ve read on the old interweb isn’t satisfying my need to know more about it. So yeah.

It’s been an eventful month plus. Totaled my car last week, which is obviously not awesome, but life continues, and I walked away. I’ve plateaued in my weight loss, hence the new program. I’d like to lose at least 25 more pounds, which would put me at 140, the upper middle of my alleged healthy range. That’ll get my total to 50 pounds, quite a benchmark. I think I’ll throw my scale away at that point, it lies to me. I’ll be back. No promises, but I’ll try.


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Rest day of sorts.

Today is July 4th, Independence Day, and I’m home, off from work.

I’ve been pretty tired this week, as I tend to get around my menstrual cycle, so I’m taking it easy. I’m supposed to be on a rest day today with Insanity, but I half-assed the last few days, so I’m going to pick a program to do. Other than that, I plan to lay around and maybe clean a little. I spent the weekend outdoors so I feel no guilt in hibernating today. I have to be up early tomorrow anyway. I’ll probably drink a lot of water today, but that’s about it. Party animal.

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Insanity. Day 15. Fit Test 2.

Today is day 15 of Insanity® which meant Fit Test #2. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do, I’ve been sweating my tail off but it’s hard to gauge progress. Well, it would be hard to gauge without a fit test (duh). Trying my best to keep good form is a hell of a challenge.
I humbly share my second fit test results, day 1 and day 15:
Switch Kicks – 30/43
Power Jacks – 37/46 (squatting! and jumping! together!)
Power Knees – 55/80(!)
Power Jumps – 20/25 (jumping is my nemesis)
Globe Jumps – 5/7 (more evil squat jumping)
Suicide Jumps – 10/15 (squat thrusts in my army mind)
Push-Up Jacks – 15/25 (I underestimated these, they’re f*ing hard)
Low Plank Obliques – 35/55
I’m looking forward to my next fit test on day 36 (2 weeks + 1 week “recovery”)

Post thought. I have a few dozen pounds I’d like to part with, and that was a part of my original motivation. It’s still going, albeit slower than at first. Seeing these results, and knowing how I feel, are causing me to reevaluate my priorities. I’ll get where I want to be with my weight, but that’s becoming less important next to how I feel, inside and out. This is pretty awesome. And I’m enjoying sharing it. Here and here, if you’d like to join me.

I’m going to weigh and measure tomorrow, for accountability.

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This is fun?!

It actually is. Today is day 9 of Insanity. It’s kicking my ass, and I’m glad. I’m keeping up a little better now. I’m sweating a lot more. Like, a whole lot more. I can feel sweat dripping into my shorts, eww. I’m prioritizing my workout, which is monumental for me. I struggled with food prep this week, solely because I flaked on grocery shopping. I’m gradually eating everything in the fridge, and stopping at the grocery for little things on the way to work. I’m making it work but it’s stressful. Plan!!! Bottom line is that it feels good. Very good. I need to shower now, I feel a little too “good” at the moment.

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I might be insane.

I’m beginning Insanity today. This is an intense cardio and plyometric based workout program from Beachbody. I’m anxious and very excited. I’ve lost 20 pounds in 2 months by making strong, healthy changes to my eating habits, and now it’s time to incorporate solid fitness. I’ve been averaging around 1300 calories daily. I expect to need to increase that with strenuous exercise. I’ve been walking, yoga, and a light run here and there, time to ramp up to full training.

This might be where I reintroduce some animal protein, like eggs. I’ve been eating vegan for almost one month now, and haven’t really wanted for any animal products, but I am struggling with protein, as I limit soy and grain.

Today is day 1, and the workout is the first fit test. I’m going to focus on form and do as many repetitions of the exercises in good form. My numbers might stink, but if I want an accurate assessment I can’t half ass it.

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What’s next?

I’m a week out of the Ultimate Reset. I’ve been figuring it out on my own, and it’s kind of challenging. Time seems to not be on my side, but I will prevail.

I hate planning. I fight it. Waah.

I’ve been getting up around 9 am most days, which is rough later at work, but that’s when my body wants to be up.

These are the tasks that I have designated as non-negotiable:

Tuesday – Saturday.

I need to be at work by 4 pm. I leave my house no later than 2:45 pm because of the awesomeness that is Long Island traffic. I get home from work around 1:30 am most days. I’m usually up until @ 3 am, after I walk my dog, and feed him and the cat.

This gives me 9 am – 2:45 pm, 5.75 hours.

I also prioritize two things: exercising and coaching. I need at least an hour for exercise, depending on what I’m doing that day, and with washing and dressing, let’s call it 2 hours. I need at least an hour a day for coaching on work days. Three hours down.

I have 2.75 hours remaining. I haven’t walked the dog yet, that’s about 15 minutes.

I need to eat, yo. Breakfast I rock Shakeology mixed with various goodness most days, so it’s quick, but I also get lunch and dinner together. I’ll address prepping food in a moment. Let’s subtract another 30 minutes.

I have 2 hours left uncommitted.

I am determined to better myself, and I miss reading, so 30 minutes to reading. I haven’t mentioned a single errand yet. No laundry drop off/pick up, no post office, no last minute to the grocery store or Target. No day dreaming. No unexpected phone calls from my father busting my chops about not calling enough.

I can take that remaining 90 minutes as buffer.

Sunday and Monday.

My “weekend”. I still need to sleep, and I average 6-7 hours. Exercise for about an hour, wash and such, total 2 hours. Read 30 minutes. Coach work at least 3 hours each day, though I really want to up that. These are the days I get groceries, run errands that don’t pop up during the week, and potentially have some leisure time.

If I go to the supermarket and the smaller, healthier store, that’s at least 2 hours. I tend to split it between the 2 days, but I might be better off hitting up both the same day. Then I’ll need to cook all this shit. I used to cook as much as possible for the entire week when I was eating more meat, but I’m not eating any right now, and veggies don’t hold up as well as meat over a few days. I think if I focus on soups and raw dishes I can stretch it out, but I’ll need to still do it twice a week. I can take some of that buffer time one of those days for cooking. Ok, if I wake around 9 am on Sunday, that’s almost 10 hours taken: exercise and washing 2, reading :30, coach 3, groceries 2, cooking 2. Working out and groceries need to happen early in the day or else they won’t happen. The benefit to doing as much as possible on one of those days is that I will have more time on the other day. If I get groceries and cook, I don’t need to do that twice, so that’s 4 hours free. I’ve always been less than stellar about sticking to a plan, it’s time I change that.

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Good changes are time consuming.

I’m not sure how I’m going to tailor my diet. I kind of like where I’m at right now, pretty much vegan, but I don’t know if I want to maintain that in the long term. First, it’s time consuming. The food I’m eating now is nowhere near as calorie dense as animal products. I can’t prep a week in advance, so I’m doing 2 days or so at a time. The second thing is grain. I don’t care for grains much. I had a torrid past with them, they trigger bad eating habits, so I don’t partake much. I’m paleo-ish I guess. With that, it would be kind of, well very, boring to eat vegan and eliminate grains. I don’t want to overdue soy either. That’s fucking boring. Okay, so I think I’ll slowly reintroduce eggs and fish. I’m in no hurry. Poultry, beef, pork, etc might become a treat, rather than a given. I’m definitely not reintroducing caffeine any time soon. The detox from it was miserable. I absolutely will eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. I didn’t realize how much I had gotten away from produce until recently. What about dairy? Well, I don’t know. I’m not a milk drinker already, but butter, hmm. And cheese. Oh, cheese. I don’t know yet. I’m not craving any of it, but if I want some in the future, then I’ll have to make the decision then. Maybe as a treat. I can cook just fine without butter, so that’s fine at the moment. I guess I should figure out how to keep my cast iron pan seasoned without bacon fat though. This is weird. I would have laughed at this six months ago.

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